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Full Service Moving

We eliminate the stress associated with moving

One of the most important decisions regarding your upcoming move will be whether or not to pack everything yourself or have professional movers to help you. Such decisions will influence the moving process that you’ll have. With our service, you can be sure that you’ll have a stress-free moving experience. When you decide to hire a full-service moving, it means that the team of movers will do everything for you. Our team will bring all the boxes and materials that you’ll need and pack your belongings.

Our staff is licensed, fully insured and bonded to provide you with the most reliable service that you could have. Whether you’re moving just down the stress or somewhere across the country, Affordable Moving Expediters would be honored to be your full-service moving company. With years of experience as well as highly trained movers, we’re here to make your move as smoothly as possible. If you’re not sure about why you should engage us, we’ve got some great reasons that could help you to decide:

Time:Imagine that you’re on your for pack your belongings, load them, drive all the way, unload the cargo and place everything. You’ll take much more time than you think. By hiring us, you’ll have a team of professionals that will complete all the tasks within a determinate timeframe and without a hitch. By having a team doing the hard work for you, you will have free time to concentrate on other important tasks.

Heavy lifting: Moving involves loading and unloading heavy boxes that can be impossible for the average individual if they are alone. In addition to this, moving requires you to put so much effort into every task. You’ll need professional help to have better results and have the guarantee that all your belongings are safe and they’ll arrive damaged-free.

Experience:Moving requires a number of different skills that you may not have. Our team has the training necessary to handle every stage of the moving process. You can be sure that your moving will happen according to the schedule and you will get on your new home on time and with all your belongings safe and placed.

Equipment: You’ll need a lot of supplies such as boxes, tape, plastic wrap, etc. Our team is fully equipped with high-quality materials that will keep your belongings safe.

Insurance cover: when you engage us, you’ll have an insurance cover that will protect your belongings in case of damage or loss.

Flexibility: You are the boss and we’ll work according to your needs and schedule. We are here to make your moving process easier.

Communication:If you have doubts or problems, our staff will be by your side to assist you along the way.

Affordable:We provide the best moving service for a fair price. We’ll give you the best quote according to your specific moving needs.

Stress-free:We have on goal and its make your move as stress-free as possible. We’ll take everything of your hands and you’ll be free to look forward your life in your new home.

If you need more information, call us at 619 361 77 66 and we’ll give you all the information that you require. You don’t have to be alone, we are here for you.

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